We work to meet the diverse needs of Canada’s
Indigenous Peoples.

Our mission is to ensure that our client’s rights, claims, interests and unique way of life are preserved and to the extent possible, continue to progress and advance.  In fact, we apply this cornerstone principle to guide all of our work.  From the big picture to the devil in the details, we will help your community get to where it wants to be in its relationship with Crown and business proponents who seek to work in your traditional territory.

“ Jake and Joel instituted a comprehensive process that delivered outstanding results for our community. They see and do things a little bit differently than we had been used to. We trusted each other, and together we achieved a breakthrough package. Since closing our deal with MOE we've expanded our relationship with them to address other situations here in our community. I’d recommend LongNorth to any Chief, council and community when you want to see a situation resolved."   

- Chief Allen of Constance Lake